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Press Image Mid Tenn Listens
Brett Campbell from 'Mid Tennessee Music' and his worldwide team of music loving critics give a few tracks from new artists a live listen before discussing and rating. First up - "Azrock & Pogo ...  (... more)
Published By: Mid Tenn Music
Visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYndk8n3rco
Press Image Rock Pulse - Introduction EP Review
Spanning from grandiose, bombastic instrumentation to ambient electronic grooves, rugged guitar riffs and sumptuous vocals that combine moments of sweeping emotionality with sultry passages redole ...  (... more)
Published By: Rob Sayce
Visit: http://www.rockpulse.co.uk/reviews/149/azrock-and-pogo-ep---introduction-27-11-2009/
Press Image I'll Wait Here - TheMag Review
A big chunky slice of warm piano and some soft strings pave the way for the most fantastic vocal in the intro to 'I'll Wait Here' from Azrock and Pogo. In it's entirety, this song has the hallm ...  (... more)
Published By: Steve
Visit: http://www.the-mag.me.uk/Music/Articles/Item/Azrock-and-Pogo-Ill-Wait-Here/