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Azrock & Pogo Video: I'll Wait Here - Video
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I'll Wait Here - Video
Video Information:
The official video for I'll Wait Here was the first Azrock and Pogo video (actually, at the time of writing it was the only, but hopefully the first of many!). The chilling electro backing track was created by Azrock before ever meeting Pogo, and likewise she was singing her angelic vocals to the creatures of her forest long before Azrock came along.

On meeting, one of their first musical projects was to throw the two together and create "I'll Wait Here", but the video is set before they meet, and depicts Pogo's trepidatious visits into the City and Azrock's first sniff of that voice.

Video Details:
Credits:  Directed by Andrew Morgan at Chase Animation, London
Video Category:  Official Music Videos

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