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Azrock & Pogo Song: Symmetry Together
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Symmetry Together
Song Information:
To Pogo it was a revelation. A eureka moment. For she had always assumed her soul mate would need to understand her so completely they would be just like her, yet here he was, different in every way possible. The black to her white, the dark to her light. His jagged, misfitting edges mirrored her jagged, misfitting edges so flawlessly that when they were brought together there were no jagged, misfitting edges anymore. Just a perfect, sealed entity.

Such an enlightening discovery deserved a song, she thought. The bounciest, happiest, most celebratory of songs.

It is interesting to note that ‘Symmetry Together’ marks the realisation of her hopes previously portrayed in ‘I’ll Wait Here’ and hence the two songs also represent two perfectly opposing entities, both in message and mood. In fact, if one song is played backwards over the other the two will cancel each other out to produce complete silence (a fantastical peculiarity that Azrock ‘proved’ to Pogo with incredible ease.)

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Track Number:  8

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Symmetry Together 4:27
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