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Azrock & Pogo Song: So Lonely
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So Lonely
Song Information:
It was confusing being Pogo. Having had no-one to teach her the basics of life for most of hers, and then for that role to go to someone as deranged as Azrock was always going to leave her with some confusion, and the subject of love was a particularly bad sufferer. What she just couldn’t understand was how, amongst other, normal people, it seemed to be the general consensus that if one relationship doesn’t work out you would, sooner or later, try your luck with another. To her this was another piece of evidence that she must be an emotional freak as, for her, the idea of loving another man was totally inconceivable.

Music had always got her through life and it was now second nature for her to turn anything that was weighing on her mind into a song. That way it stopped weighing so much. This particular point of confusion was bothering her right when she was in the very depths of loneliness. This was not the loneliness she had felt before; she should reclassify that as peace and tranquillity. No, this was post-love loneliness, and she’d never felt anything as painful in her life. Originally just Pogo and a piano in a west end hotel lounge, she created ‘So Lonely’ in the desperate hope that publishing her broken heart might numb the pain.

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So Lonely