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Azrock & Pogo Song: Shake
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There comes a time in every young woman’s life when she realises the sheer power of her curves, their poise and motion. Azrock refers to the phenomena as the ‘fairer sex with the unfair advantage’. Woman across the world have used their feminine charms in various amounts to achieve a multitude of successes and why should Pogo be any exception. You certainly cannot expect someone who grew up fending for themselves in the wild to hesitate out of moral pride. No – she just needed to discover it, and eventually, she did.

She became fascinated with it. A secret set of weapons that enabled the bearer to wield great power over others. So many clever devices: don’t let him look, but make sure he does. But absolutely no touching, unless it’s by accident! Her favourite of all, or course, is what you can get away with under the guise of dancing.

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Shake 3:03

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