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Azrock & Pogo Song: Never Give Up
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Never Give Up
Song Information:
The message is one of Azrock’s personal philosophies. But, unusually, this particular one of his philosophies can be a healthy inspiration to anybody. So, true to form, they felt it deserved a song. It’s simple: Never give up. The only way you’ll make it is if you never give up. You can’t fail if you never give up … and so on. It fascinated Azrock as it was such undeniable logic, yet at the same time the refusal of people to grasp it was the one and only reason for every single one of man’s failures.

It started life as sing-along strumming guitar song, but got recorded as a slow, grinding heavy rock song. Azrock was never really too enamoured with it, however, and tinkered endlessly. The only thing that kept him going was the sentiment of the song itself and, true to point, eventually it came good as their most crazy piece of chop-rocking, dub-stepping, studio-exploding, bass-throbbing, attention-deficit-disorder suffering, break-beat pop to date.

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Track Number:  4

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Never Give Up 4:39
Never Give Up (Radio Edit) 3:39