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Azrock & Pogo Song: It Hurts Forever
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It Hurts Forever
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Humming monoliths of equipment fizz and splutter as Azrock tries to sync a beat with a reverse version of itself using a loop of quarter inch audio tape and an intricate arrangement of wheels and magnetic heads. Pogo is quite accustomed to the constant noises, and so are the rats, which makes for easy stalking.

But hunting vermin hasn’t been the same for Pogo ever since Azrock described his theory on the flexible relationship between manmade time and time in the mind, and specifically how it applies to the consciousness at the point of death. This idea became so disturbing for Pogo that she no longer toyed with her prey, but instead spent time comforting it through those last breaths.

‘It Hurts Forever’ is her sombre and heartfelt tribute to all her prey, but it also describes the most unpleasant possible interpretation of Azrock’s theory, which Pogo insists is the most respectful point of view in the absence of certainty. Azrock, however, takes secret delight in believing that the reason for Pogo’s bleak outlook is a dark sadism which she has yet to face.

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Track Number:  14

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