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Azrock & Pogo Song: I'll Wait Here
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I'll Wait Here
Song Information:
Pogo would sing this song to herself, before she met Azrock, when she felt lonely and wished to indulge in hopeful fantasy. In this form the verses would be different every time, improvised to describe different ways in which her fantasy soul-mate and her should recognise or find each other. Originally it had a very simple accompaniment (there was no other kind on her two string toy guitar).

In its current recorded form it shows a very first attempt to marry their contradictory musical ideas. Being an early creation it probably suffers from Azrock being a touch ambitious with how many different styles a single song should feature, but it remains in its full length glory regardless to warn off those who don’t have time for a complete musical story.

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Track Number:  1

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I'll Wait Here 5:38
I'll Wait Here (Radio Edit) 3:12