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Azrock & Pogo Song: Freakin' Out
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Freakin' Out
Song Information:
There she was, minding her own business whilst Azrock tinkered away with some strange groove, when all of a sudden ... Well it’s hard to describe. So hard, in fact, that she devoted an entire song to trying to explain it. It was born out of the music – a tiny spark that ignited something inside her and steadily took over her entire body. Music was her soul but this was a sonic experience she had never had before. It was a wonderful feeling of energy and she loved it. ‘Freaking Out’ is what she called it, but, for the rest of us who haven’t lead such sheltered lives, it’s simply called ‘the urge to get up and dance’.

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Track Number:  13

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Freakin' Out 4:31
Freakin' Out (Radio Edit) 3:31

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Freakin' Out
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