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Azrock & Pogo Song: Flowers For Me
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Flowers For Me
Song Information:
A worn tensioning belt on the timing drive in Azrock’s studio led to some random slips and jerky skips on his latest beat. This odd and accidental effect tickled Azrock, and the rhythm for ‘Flowers for Me’ was born. The challenge was then trying to repeat the mechanical haphazardry in a controlled fashion so that a song could be woven through it.

This production also marks the first recorded use of Azrock’s electro-magnetic, piston-pitched liquid bass tubes. One of his more recent inventions, two huge cylinders that are vibrated with electro-magnets and contain a liquid whose level can be varied precisely with a piston to pitch the note. They can deliver perfectly smooth pitch drops and climbs and a dependable, unvaried and indefinite sustain.

Lyrically the song illustrates Pogo’s failure to understand any positive side to a certain ancient global institution, and the choruses could be seen as her suggesting a personal alternative, although at this stage her song writing had developed to the point where she would often succumb to the allure of ambiguity, so who knows.

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Track Number:  11

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