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Azrock & Pogo Song: Drummer Don't Think
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Drummer Don't Think
Song Information:
Mostly written and arranged in secret by Pogo and Dozer, this song is their pitch to get Azrock to believe Dozer was a good enough drummer to join them. Azrock had been laughing this suggestion off for some time owing to the fact that Dozer was, in the nicest possible way, a bit simple and “rhythm needs a thinking man!”

Pogo and Dozer performed the song to Azrock amongst the junk of Dozer’s scrap yard on make-shift drums and the hopelessly dilapidated piano that propped up the corner of a stack of wrecked cars, but the undeniable funk and many drumming flourishes of the song proved its point and Azrock finally embraced his good friend Dozer as a member of their band.

The arrangement of the song is pretty much in tact since this first performance but the production is given life with some funky instrumentation and crucially, the introduction of a monster guitar riff.

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Track Number:  10

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Drummer Don't Think 4:36
Drummer Don't Think (Radio Edit) 3:36

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