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Azrock & Pogo Song: Dark Eyes
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Dark Eyes
Song Information:
The infamous viscous liquid, sticky in every physical and mental sense of the word. Does it open your eyes or close them forever? A death sentence that gives life. Is it the most wretched of all vices or the very essence of purity? Good or bad, it’s impossible to say, but such contradictory extremes are the perfect seeds for a song.

If all the depravity and filth of the liquid could be embodied in a riff it would undoubtedly be this offering with its warped tones and carnal swagger. Azrock was certain the vocal melody of the verses was harmonically incompatible with his riff when Pogo first sang it. He doubted it still when she next sang it. And the next time. In fact, he’s still not convinced, and that’s why it’s perfect.

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Track Number:  12

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Dark Eyes 4:02

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Dark Eyes
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