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Azrock & Pogo Press: Rock Pulse - Introduction EP Review
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Rock Pulse - Introduction EP Review
Feature and Review Information:
Spanning from grandiose, bombastic instrumentation to ambient electronic grooves, rugged guitar riffs and sumptuous vocals that combine moments of sweeping emotionality with sultry passages redolent of contemporary R’N’B, London based conceptual duo Azrock and Pogo seemingly have few qualms about flouting convention; whether it be in musical style, business model, or that sadly crucial consideration in our current musical climate, image. In a move that would scarcely have seemed anachronistic in the prog-dominated age of lengthy concept albums and twenty minute flute solos, Azrock and Pogo plan to release their music in conjunction with an ongoing narrative concerning the exploits of the two eponymous fictional characters, as they journey through a dystopian near future world, searching for love and inspiration in a hopeless, dying land. (Or at least that’s how I’ve viewed their prospective tale, doubtlessly there’s a degree of personal interpretation involved.)

While the music is of course central to the band’s audacious masterplan, ‘I’ll Wait Here,’ ‘Wha’cha Gonna Do?’ and ‘Forbidden Love’ show an ability to move, emote and energize which could well see them graduate from the underground in the future to squint in the blinding light of mainstream recognition; and as their grasp on musical fundamentals is impressive, it’s hard to see them failing as long as they are prepared to expend the time and hard graft required to continue the lengthy climb. It’s unlikely to appeal to all, but a cult audience is all but guaranteed for the band’s formative years, and as for the future? We can only speculate. One small piece of advice though... don’t bet against them.

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Written By:  Rob Sayce
Best Quote:  ... their grasp on musical fundamentals is impressive.

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