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Money For (Nearly) Nothing
This month we gave our top two fans £161 and £138!  And we will distribute cash prizes again, and again, and so on. Why?  Are we mad / made of money? Made of money no, mad maybe, but about that 'why' ... see full post

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"... ... the most beautiful female lead vocal you're ever likely to hear. ...more " written by Steve

"... ... their grasp on musical fundamentals is impressive. ...more " written by Rob Sayce

"... This song makes me want to cheat on my girlfriend! ...more " written by Mid Tenn Music

"Love it! : https://t.co/hicNDC92Oj #AzrockAndPogo via @azrockandpogo"" about I'll Wait Here - VideoDragos Puri Profile Pic written by
Dragos Puri
1 year ago

"Anybody who hasn't heard this band needs to ... http://t.co/a0ZL14jNwm #AzrockAndPogo via" ...more " about Lullaby ForestDragos Puri Profile Pic written by
Dragos Puri
2 years ago

"Wow!! : http://t.co/qx7sFSGftm #AzrockAndPogo via @azrockandpogo"" about Lampost Of DispairDragos Puri Profile Pic written by
Dragos Puri
2 years ago